Revision or Failed Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery is successful tool for combating obesity and weight gain. However, some patients may need a secondary, or revisionary, procedure.


Is Revision or Failed Weight Loss Surgery Right for Me?

There are several reasons that a patient may need revision surgery:

  • Inadequate weight loss.
  • Weight regain.
  • Persistent comorbid health conditions.
  • Complications after weight loss surgery.


Advantages of Revision or Failed Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Dhan specialises in revision weight loss surgeries, but there are increased risks associated with secondary surgery. So patients will need to carefully consider whether it is the right option for them.

Factors that may complicate revision surgery include:

  • Extended surgery.
  • Blood loss.
  • The need for open surgery, instead of the less invasive laparoscopic approach.
  • increased risk of infection and leaking.


What is involved in Revision or Failed Weight Loss Surgery?

The secondary procedure will depend on the specific needs and health problems of the patient.

Dr. Dhan will discuss potential treatments with the patient and help them decide the surgical approach best suited to their circumstances.


Preparing for Revision or Failed Weight Loss Surgery

Preparations for surgery will depend on the exact surgery needed. Dr. Dhan will go over specific instructions, but generally patients will need to:

  • Avoid eating after midnight, the day before surgery.
  • Ask a friend or family member to be at the hospital for support and comfort.

What to Expect After Revision or Failed Weight Loss Surgery?

Postoperative procedures and instructions will vary depending on the surgery. Most patients will need to take time off work and prepare for several weeks of rest. Typically, patients should also expect to return to a post-gastric surgery diet of liquid and pureed foods.

Generally, weight loss will be less extensive after revision surgery, compared to primary surgical procedures.

Dr. Dhan will discuss the specifics of postoperative care with every patient.


What are the Cost and Funding Options for Revision or Failed Weight Loss Surgery?

There are a number of payment options available for patients depending on the surgery procedure, their financial circumstances and insurance status. Dr. Dhan will be able to provide a more detailed quote after consultation.