• Robots in the Theatre

    If you would like some insight in what it is like to be in theatre please review my recent interview with Dr Florence Leong, Post-doctoral Research Associate from Morph Lab Dyson School and Design Engineering, Imperial Collage London, in relation to the use of Robots in Theatre.

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  • The Link Between Obesity & Covid19

    We are all aware that increased weight, especially obesity, heightens the likelihood of developing health issues, such as heart disease or diabetes . ‘There's some evidence that obesity it self can increase the likelihood of serious complications from a coronavirus infection. One study of more than 5200 infected people included 35 percent who were obese. ’

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  • New Study shows normal weight is important for Brain health.

    The study below in the link shows the importance of maintaining normal weight for neurological health and also suggest that the detrimental effects of overweight/obesity may extend beyond the duration of overweight/obesity itself.

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  • Predictors of weight regain post bariatric surgery

    King et al published the Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery-2 (LABS-2) study online April 4 2019 in Annals of Surgery.

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  • Dr Dhan Thiruchelvam has performed the first Flex Dex assisted bariatric case in Newcastle

    Dr Dhan Thiruchelvam has performed the first Flex Dex assisted bariatric case in Australia outside of the centres of Sydney and Melbourne. Due to his robotic training and experience with the technology in the USA, he was one of a select group of bariatric surgeons chosen to help introduce this technology.

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