• Silent Assassin: Experts weigh in on bariatric surgery, type 2 diabetes remission

    Bariatric surgery is often a last resort for type 2 diabetics who have "tried everything" but experts say its effects on insulin levels tend to be immediate and sustained.

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  • Surgery on the Rise

    Why this life saving surgery is on the rise.

    Dr. Dhan Thiruchelvam said he has seen a 10 per cent growth in the number of weight loss surgeries he is performing.

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  • Success Stories are not just for Hollywood

    Of late there has been a lot of media hype around Adele’s amazing weight loss.We however would like to share some success stories, that are not only close to home (physically), they also show everyday real people.

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  • Robots in the Theatre

    If you would like some insight in what it is like to be in theatre please review my recent interview with Dr Florence Leong, Post-doctoral Research Associate from Morph Lab Dyson School and Design Engineering, Imperial Collage London, in relation to the use of Robots in Theatre.

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  • The Link Between Obesity & Covid19

    We are all aware that increased weight, especially obesity, heightens the likelihood of developing health issues, such as heart disease or diabetes . ‘There's some evidence that obesity it self can increase the likelihood of serious complications from a coronavirus infection. One study of more than 5200 infected people included 35 percent who were obese. ’

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