What is OverStitch?

OverStitch is an innovative suturing system that allows your doctor to approximate tissues internally without the need of any external incisions. The sutures are placed through a thin flexible tube called an endoscope which is inserted through a natural opening and allows your doctor to view the site clearly and achieve secure tissue approximation. This enables a wide range of procedures to be performed in a minimally invasive manner.

When is the OverStitch system indicated?

The OverStitch system is ideal for upper and lower GI tract defects, closing fistulas (abnormal communications), and tissue approximation after submucosal dissections and mucosal resections. It is also used to perform bariatric procedures such as sleeve gastroplasty, sleeve revision and outlet revision.

How are the sutures applied?

The OverStitch system uses a curved needle to control the depth of penetration and place durable stitches along the full thickness of tissue. Different suture patterns such as running or interrupted stitches may be placed as needed. Sutures may be reloaded on the device while it remains inserted to prevent multiple insertions and removals. A knotless fixation cinch is used to secure the stitches in place.